Friday, June 19, 2009

Data Point: The Developing Cloud: BuzzCity Launches Community Translation Service

from Mobile Marketing Magazine:

BuzzCity, which provides of global wireless communities and consumer services, has launched a community translation service across its mobile social network, myGamma. The new feature enables myGamma users to help expand the network’s reach to include smaller language communities and speakers of regional dialects. In addition, these new audiences create unique marketing opportunities for businesses through BuzzCity’s advertising network.

The peer-reviewed service encourages existing multi-lingual members to create a comprehensive list of myGamma navigational terms and instructional messages. Once developed, a team of volunteer translators will maintain and update the list based on popular consensus, incorporating feedback from users. The entire collaborative translation process takes place over mobile Internet wiki-style pages hosted on myGamma."

About Buzz City:
BuzzCity is a developer of global wireless communities and consumer services. Established in 1999 in Singapore, BuzzCity today operates the world's leading wireless community - - for two distinct audiences: the newly connected emerging middle class in developing markets and the blue collar sector in developed regions. These "unwired" consumers are accessing the mobile Internet on their phones due to widespread and affordable wireless access.

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