Sunday, June 14, 2009

Clickable Print can save millions of hours in High Schools

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CodeZ is being used by the Canadian government to deliver dynamic QR codes on Canadian passport applications. The citizen fills out a form on a website. The CodeX software creates a QR that has tha appropriate contact information, name, address, etc.

If every student in a high school had a dynamic QR code on their ID card, it could be scanned as they enter the building. If the contact information is part of the code, it means mom could get a phone call, email, SMS at 10:00 AM in the morning. Not two weeks later. Once the kids know this is going to happen, they're going to show up everyday.

The principals will love it because all they have to do is ok a budget item and get the attendance stats up. Every principal in the United States cares about the attendance stats. So does every school board, because that's one of the ways they get paid back. In New York City alone, the amount of effort getting the attendance stats to Tweed is amazing.

The teachers will love it because they correctly hate to take attendance. Of course the Union will love it because it gives the teachers more time to teach and less time to be clerical staff.

People, why wouldn't any school district in the United States buy this?

Then imagine if dynamic QR codes or pURLs appeared on Clickable Print A4s. Every admin and teacher would know which student did what and when they did it. Then every parent would have a record of what junior really did. Not what junior says he did. When everyone knows what a student did and when they did it, high school gets mostly fixed at all levels of the pyramid.

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