Sunday, August 2, 2009

Invisible Ink? What Rorschach Tests Really Tell Us

The point is that you think what you think becasue you see what what see. My bet is that the problem is not the test. The problem is how you set the norms that say "normal" vs "pathological."
"Proponents of the CS claimed that it also provided a wealth of information for non-patient adults and children. However, critics of this system argue that the norms established by CS are out of date and based on small sample sizes. Furthermore, the CS norms are not representative of the population and actually classify a portion of normal subjects as having pathological tendencies. Many studies have also called into question the scoring reliability of the CS; that is, a number of experiments have shown that two practitioners will score one subject very differently using the CS method. The authors observe that 'disagreements can have particularly serious implications if the test results are used to reach important clinical or legal recommendations.'

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  1. This article sparked an idea in my head. i did some research on the topic but could not find anything with a reliable source that explained it properly.

    Here's my question and idea: Could there be things in this world that we just cant see?

    Other living things that the eye cannot identify?

    Has anyone found out anything about there being things here on earth that have not yet been seen?

    I have way too many questions on this topic

  2. Great questions. (by the way, I don't think there is such a thing as "way too many questions" on any topic.)

    So how about viruses? They are alive. Can't see 'em. Or bacteria?

    And then how about electrical force fields or magnetic force fields?

    And then the scientists are telling us that 98% of the Universe is composed of "dark matter" which they keep trying to detect with all their instruments.

    All very interesting questions.

  3. Yes very true. What i was talking about was a type of parallel universe sharing on earth to which we can't see. Something that we cant see that is advanced and we have no knowledge of. I think that in the next decade we will know so much more.

  4. Nothing is impossible. The scientists talk about the same thing, using math language. You might want to check out String Theory to see if it makes any sense to you.

    I still can't get my head around String Theory. When you translate from math language into word language it makes it really confusing.

  5. The String theory is too complicated. I get the jist of it having to do with a copy type world i think but i cannot say anything more as it is too complicated.

  6. Yeh, me too. But it should give you an idea of how far away the scientists are from what regular people think about..