Monday, July 13, 2009

Monkeys And Humans Use Parallel Mechanism To Recognize Faces

The point is that learning depends on what you see. What you see depends on genes and memes and proximate benefit/risk decisions.

Monkeys And Humans Use Parallel Mechanism To Recognize Faces:
"ScienceDaily (July 12, 2009) — Researchers at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center, Emory University, have demonstrated for the first time rhesus monkeys and humans share a specific perceptual mechanism, configural perception, for discriminating among the numerous faces they encounter daily. The study, reported in the June 25 online issue of Current Biology, provides insight into the evolution of the critical human social skill of facial recognition, which enables us to form relationships and interact appropriately with others"


  1. We still share many similarities with monkeys. Other from the hair and rabid mentality we share some main attributes such as the recognition of facial expressions. Humans are most similar to Monkeys than any other animal. Evolution made this possible.

  2. So if we can figure out how monkeys learn that should help us figure out how humans learn.

  3. Yes in a very basic and simple way. what i mean to say is that monkeys cannot calculate maths or write essays. Their brains are far too limited. On the other hand you are right. If we do figure out how Monkey's learn then we might, and that is a big might, get to the root of how humans learn.

  4. Did you know that the over 99% of the chromosomes of humans and monkeys are exactly the same genes?

    Check out this video to see how I think it works..

  5. Most of the content shown in the video not true and is yet to be proven. On the other hand i see your point Michael and i realize how close we are to Monkeys. Also this video does not have much to do with the actual similarities and differences between men and monkeys but more along the lines of how mankind is so monstrous and threatening. I see this video as more on the fiction side than fact. Pretty cool video though.

  6. OK. So suppose I could convince you from a scientific evolutionary point of view that the video is actually the best scientific way to understand how it all works.

    Not now. But as we continue the conversation over the next while.

    Here's something to consider:
    Let's assume that people who have been successful are pretty smart.

    Then let's assume that some successful people make very bad decisions. A bad decision means that what they did lead to very bad consequences for them.

    So why do smart people make stupid decisions?