Sunday, July 12, 2009

In a few years, it's likely that "No One Could Have Predicted" dynamic Qr codes and Augmented Reality.

But then no one could have predicted the financial meltdown. Blablablabla.

From Seeking Alpha,
A research paper, published in June by Dirk J. Bezemer, Groningen University, addresses this question and says the answer is that many saw it coming but those with the power to act did nothing. Bezemer contends that the problem is that economic policy is executed using macro equilibrium models and what is needed to establish economic policy that can anticipate crises, such as we have now, and take actions to head them off, are micro accounting cash-flow models. The entire paper can be read here.
The point is we need less economists and more accountants. Read the column by clicking on the title of the snippet.

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