Sunday, June 28, 2009

Teaching 140 Characters at a time

Not as crazy as it seems. The discipline of 140 characters does wonder to focus thought. Quick questions, with links, Quick answers, with links.

Put the 140 characters on a club card. Hand out in class. Link to web. Go to the wiki or in class to discuss.

Blogging Innovation: Twitter in the Classroom - Latest innovation articles, videos, and insights:
"During Clayton Christensen's talk at the World Innovation Forum about innovation in education and healthcare, Dr. Christensen made a point about how technology will move more of education out of the classroom and onto the Internet.

He was mostly speaking about augmenting home schooling, but also about school leavers earning their equivalency online, and online advanced placement courses for kids at schools who might not have the resources to provide these courses.

This sparked some humorous debate amongst those in the Bloggers Hub at the World Innovation forum about the possibility of teaching kids 140 characters at a time via Twitter."

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