Thursday, June 25, 2009

How Adolescent Girls Manage Stress

The point is that it's very hard to learn, for either boys or girls when they are under dysfunctional stress. On the other hand, functional stress is the engine that drives learning. The trick is to minimize one and maximize the other.

How Adolescent Girls Manage Stress:
"'We must gain a deeper understanding of, and acquire more knowledge about, the underlying social processes that trigger the daily stress experienced by teenage girls,' says public health researcher Katarina Haraldsson, the author of the dissertation."
. . .

"Many people believe that the stress experienced by upper secondary school girls relates only to school. However, the picture is far broader. Girls feel responsibility for various types of relationships, such as with friends and siblings, or have taken upon themselves leisure time commitments in various associations and organisations", says Katarina Haraldsson.

The dissertation shows that stress arises at the interface between responsibility and how one is encountered. A situation where a girl is not encountered with respect, for example, can lead to what was initially voluntarily accepted responsibility instead becoming perceived as something forced. The way people in a girl's surroundings encounter her is important not only in the context of each matter, but also for a girl's entire life situation.

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