Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Work Fatigue And Working Overtime Are Associated With Weight Gain

The point is that while correlation does not equal causation, it is a data point that suggests that being over weight can be partly the result of stress reducing strategies.
Work Fatigue And Working Overtime Are Associated With Weight Gain:
"The study revealed some risk groups, where weigh gain was more common than in other groups. Especially work fatigue was strongly associated with weight gain. Work fatigue measures pre-stage for burn out. Those who report work fatigue 'feel totally worn out after a day at work', 'feel tired in the morning when they have to get up and go to work', 'have to work too hard', 'feel like totally exhausted', 'report that their work is definitely too stressful', and 'they worry about their work even when they are off duty'. Working overtime was defined as working over 40 hours a week."


  1. After working overtime most are exhausted. While working overtime usually this means staying still for a long period of time. This detracts the likeliness of exercise in a working day and so both men and women grow to be overweight. This is a problem that persists through mainly American culture and fails to touch as broad a population in Europe. Why? Europeans make time for exercise and healthy eating. So many varieties in junk food in America not only increases the fat in your body but also fails to help the brain from working diligently.

  2. Maybe. The other things to consider is that the gene pool is different in Europe and food manufacture and delivery is different in Europe and US.

    Still another thing is that in the States we don't have the union protections to keep work time under control. If winning means working very long hours and everyone is playing by the same rules then it's natural to work long hours.

    Yes it may be about Europeans making more time, but to understand why they make that decision is a bit more complicated.